Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

Chicken Porridge

Phew .. alhamdulillah finally i'm found the photos of my old blog. Rather than idle, I think it is better re-posted one by one to repeat memories.

I haven't remember when i cook it. But I know that i make this porridge just once, at that time. After that .. until now has never made again. Maybe next time ..


250 gr rice, washed
500 gr chicken
2 bay leaves
750 ml water
2 tablespoons vegetable oil for sauteing
½ teaspoon nutmeg
½ teaspoon pepper
soy sauce and salt to taste
8 pieces of red onion, puree
3 pieces of garlic, puree
1 tablespoons coriander finely
4 grains fine walnut
1 stalk celery, thinly sliced
A salted eggs


# Boil a chicken that has been cleaned, add a little salt. Set aside the bouillon, then slice thinly.
# Cook the rice with half of bouillon, give a little water. Enter the bay leaves and salt. Wait until slightly thickened and become porridge.
# Heat oil and saute onion, garlic, coriander and walnut until fragrant. Add the remaining bouillon. Cook until boiling.
# After boiling, put nutmeg, pepper, and soy sauce. Mix well.
# Put the porridge in the bowl, flush with the sauce. Sprinkle with slice chicken and celery. Serve warm with salted egg and chips.

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Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010


Finally I've created this blog. After my old blog disappeared. I think this blog is a good decision for my hobby. Cooking for me could become routine, hobby, fad, even how to effectively relieve stress. This is a continuation .. and I will never cease to always be learning.


Note : Special thanks to my beloved husband who never said "i don't want to eat that!" even it trial and error.

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