Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

Taste Of Chocolate

Chocolates are loved the world over. Why do so many people love chocolate? Ever since chocolate was first discovered over 3,000 years ago by the Aztecs, people have enjoyed chocolate. It wasn't the sweet little chocolates or bars that we like to think of. Chocolate went from just a bitter drink, into all kinds of flavors. One of the most indulgent is chocolate truffles. Theses little chocolates are filled with ganache, a mixture of both semisweet chocolate and cream.

Both John and American candy maker James Baker built the first American chocolate mill in 1780. They then started producing chocolates for the public. 7 billion dollars a year alone is spent on chocolate! Chocolates are pleasing for many people. Many people love to give chocolate gifts. Lots of people like to choose the chocolate Truffles because their rich and extravagant taste. A chocolate gift is really special.

Chocolates will always be a favorite of many. Everyone enjoys getting chocolate as a gift! With chocolate gifts , you can almost guarantee a smile from whoever receives them.
We are familiar to chocolate very much. We all know that chocolate is really popular nowadays. Why people created chocolate eggs?

As we all know, Easter is a very exhilarating festival for people who love chocolate, which means we can eat as much chocolate as we want. In France and Germany, the first chocolate Easter eggs appeared in the 19th century. Part of it is the sugar and other chemicals inside the chocolate.

Chocolate has a physiological effect on us. Chocolate stimulates the brain to release mood-lifting chemicals like endorphins and serotonin. Chocolate with high cocoa levels also tells the brain to release dopamine, the ecstasy chemical. It's possible your chocolate craving could mean you just have low blood sugar. We should consider chocolate dialectically. I’d tried and enjoyed veal with chocolate sauce; but bacon-chocolate, chocolate with pureed salami and chocolate biscuits wrapped in crispy chicken skin were a little bit outside the scope of my knowledge!

The secret to the best quality chocolate is in its amount of cocoa solids (a mixture of cocoa mass and cocoa butter). The cocoa bean develops its aroma during fermentation and gives the beans their familiar chocolate taste. Quality chocolate demands this slow drying process. Some chocolate manufacturers prefer to buy beans; others opt for chocolate mass. After blending, the cocoa beans are roasted. Extra cocoa butter is then added (when producing cocoa or sweet ground chocolate it is removed). he extra cocoa butter increases the delicacy of the chocolate, and is largely responsible for its flavor. A premuim quality 62% cocoa chocolate is crafted from the finest Ghanaian cocoa beans to produce a medium bittersweet chocolate. Forastero beans are flat and mostly used for chocolate drinks, violet-coloured Amelonado is bitter and of superior taste.

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